Best ADHD Books: Understanding and Coping with ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental condition affecting both children and adults. It impacts a person’s attention span, impulsivity, and hyperactivity. While ADHD is often treated with medication and therapy, it’s also helpful to read up and learn more about the condition. To help you understand ADHD better, we’ve compiled a list of the best ADHD books you can find in Australia.

1. ADHD: What Everyone Needs to Know by Stephen P. Hinshaw and Katherine Ellison

This book is an all-inclusive guide to the disorder, providing answers to the most common questions surrounding ADHD. It covers the evaluation process for ADHD, the causes, treatments, challenges faced by those with ADHD, and much more. The simple language and format make it easy to understand for both those with ADHD and those who want to learn more about the condition.

2. Driven to Distraction: Recognizing and Coping with Attention Deficit Disorder from Childhood Through Adulthood by Edward M. Hallowell and John J. Ratey

This acclaimed book is written by two Harvard Medical School psychiatrists who also have ADHD themselves. The book explores ADHD from childhood to adulthood, providing tips for managing ADHD symptoms in every aspect of life. It’s an accessible and insightful read that helps people with ADHD and their families to navigate their lives.

3. Taking Charge of Adult ADHD by Russell A. Barkley

This book is geared towards adults with ADHD, providing practical advice on how to manage symptoms including difficulties with organisation, time management, and impulse control. The book covers everything from work-related scenarios to relationship advice for adults with ADHD, making it an all-inclusive guide to managing ADHD in adulthood.

4. Smart but Scattered: The Revolutionary “Executive Skills” Approach to Helping Kids Reach Their Potential by Peg Dawson and Richard Guare

Smart but Scattered is geared towards parents and educators of children with ADHD. The book focuses on executive function, a set of cognitive skills that help with goal-setting, planning, organisation, and time management. The book teaches parents how to assess their child’s executive function and provides tips for building the necessary skills for success.

5. The ADHD Effect on Marriage by Melissa Orlov

ADHD can put a strain on any relationship, but this book is specifically designed for couples. The ADHD Effect on Marriage provides readers with advice from a marriage therapist who specialises in working with couples affected by ADHD. It includes tips for managing ADHD as a couple, improving communication, and fostering a healthy relationship despite ADHD symptoms.

6. Delivered from Distraction: Getting the Most out of Life with Attention Deficit Disorder by Edward M. Hallowell and John J. Ratey

This is another must-read from the same authors as Driven to Distraction. This book covers a wide range of topics about ADHD, including how ADHD can affect work, relationships, and mental health. The book also covers how to manage ADHD symptoms using small changes and consistent routines. Delivered from Distraction is an uplifting read that helps people with ADHD to live a fulfilling and successful life.

7. The Unofficial Guide to Adult ADHD by J. Russell Ramsay and Anthony L. Rostain

Written by two experts in the field, The Unofficial Guide to Adult ADHD provides readers with a practical guide to living with ADHD in adulthood. This book covers a range of topics from diagnosis and treatment to the impact of ADHD on work, relationships, and mental health. The book also includes helpful tips for managing symptoms in real-life scenarios, making it a useful resource for anyone living with ADHD.

8. Scattered Minds: A New Look at the Origins and Healing of Attention Deficit Disorder by Gabor Maté

Scattered Minds delves into the causes of ADHD and offers an alternative perspective on both the disorder and its treatment. It explores the link between ADHD and trauma, making it a useful read for those who suspect that their ADHD might be related to past experiences. The book also covers different therapy approaches, making it a comprehensive guide to understanding and treating ADHD.


Reading about ADHD can be useful for those dealing with the condition themselves, as well as family, friends, and caregivers. The books in our list are comprehensive and written by experts in the field, making them excellent resources for anyone looking to learn more about ADHD. Regardless of which book you choose, it’s important to remember that every person with ADHD is unique, and their experiences differ.


FAQs about Best ADHD Books

What are the Benefits of Reading Best ADHD Books?

Reading the best ADHD books can provide a better understanding of the condition and offer practical strategies to manage symptoms. These books can also improve communication between individuals with ADHD and their loved ones, teachers, and doctors. Reading personal stories and experiences of those with ADHD can also offer comfort and support to those who struggle with the condition.

How Can I Choose the Best ADHD Book for Me?

Choosing the best ADHD book for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences. Some books focus on parenting strategies for children with ADHD, while others offer advice on organization and time management for adults with the condition. Be sure to check reviews and ratings before purchasing a book, and consider consulting with a mental health professional for additional recommendations.

Are ADHD Books a Replacement for Professional Treatment?

ADHD books can be a useful supplement to professional treatment, but they are not a replacement for it. If you suspect that you or a loved one has ADHD, it is important to seek a proper diagnosis from a mental health professional. Treatment strategies provided in books should also be discussed with a doctor or therapist to ensure they align with your specific needs and treatment plan.


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