Over the last few years we have hosted many hundreds of visitors from around Australia and beyond. Teams come from different contexts and have different agendas. We'd be delighted to show you around our spaces and technology. Even more than that, we'd love to have some great conversations about the transformation of pedagogy and culture.

We have crafted three different programs.


Twilight Tour

Design Engage Day

Immersion Day

Cost Free $199 per person $1500 per team of 7
Especially Designed For Casual Visitors Teachers & Leaders Senior Leaders
Maximum Registrations 3 per school 5-10 people 5-10 people
Program Timing 4pm - 5pm 10 am - 3 pm 10 am - 3 pm
Lead by Senior Leadership
See a broad range of spaces
Observe Learning Programs -
Fully Catered / Barista Coffee -
Program Focus - Pedagogy Transformation
Guest Access to Student Portal - -
Guest Access to SCIL Portal - -

Limited dates available in 2017

Please note: These are professional educational learning opportunities. For parents interested in enrolling their child, who would like a tour of NBCS please visit: www.nbcs.nsw.edu.au