Video Library

A Look Into 'The Zone'
At any one time, there are 180 students and 6 teachers across the open split-level space we call 'The Zone'. It is a dedicated home for Years 5-6, designed to elevate collaboration and nurture a self-directed learning community.

A Look Into 'Quest'
Quest is our Year 8 learning program which encompasses Science and HSIE. We have 140 students and 5 teachers operating in an open learning environment. The learning is personalised, collaborative and flexible. 

Spaces to Learn
Change is both necessary and possible – a change in paradigm, in learning space design, and in the way we empower students to take charge of their own learning.

Watch an animated fly-through of our most recent building - a space operating as the central heart of learning and community.

The Power of Opting In
Steve Collis presents 'The Power of Opting In' at TEDx.

Design Engage Time-lapse
View a 3 minute time-lapse of our Design / Engage Kit in use. Design / Engage brings a rich pedagogical repertoire together in the context of a reflective design process. It grows educator's knowledge of and confidence with collaboration, PBL, personalised learning, flipped learning, technology, flexible learning environments, and more.

SCIL Building Tour
Stephen Harris, Principal of NBCS, gives a short tour of the SCIL Building, an open-plan multi-modal learning space for student-directed learning. The SCIL Building features spaces and furniture that foster a range of learning modes and styles.

Repainting Old Walls
Much like the learning that occurs here, we want spaces to reflect creativity, growth and community; to show that we care about our students’ experience and have thoughtfully maintained a space that kids feel great about learning in!