Unlikely Spaces


Creative transformation of learning and spaces can come from unlikely places. At St Patrick's Primary School in Lithgow, rather than letting brick walls stand in their way, teachers have let their creativity flow out into the corridors! 

Some Considerations

  • Spaces are multipurpose, expected to be changed or adapted in the future for different projects, activities and tasks.
  • Lightweight furniture (or wheels) allows for flexibility and re-configuration depending on the task at hand. The variety in furniture and spaces caters for a diverse variety of users at the same time.
  • Give users input in the design of furniture and layout.
  • Bright colours to encourage creative thinking.


  • Lighting should be of appropriate levels to support computer and paper-based activities.
  • Writing spaces e.g. whiteboard tables.
  • Communal spaces, allowing learnings to pool their talents, bounce ideas around and foster positive relationships.
  • Breakout spaces for private study or guru sessions as needed.