Light a fire for learning space innovation in this hands-on activity. Once a vision for learning is developed, walls and funding are not necessarily blockers for reinventing spaces. Past participants have implemented their ideas as this example shows.

In groups, participants are facilitated through the Stanford Design Thinking process, culminating in the crafting of real 3D prototype of a re-imagined learning space. The process can be applied to a hypothetical or real space. The final plan can either provoke the imagination, or proceed to implementation. The ideal duration is three hours to work through the design thinking process, however, it is possible to customise the experience to 90 minutes, or even a full day.

Participants emerge with a whole new perspective on the potential for physical space itself to be re-envisioned to better cater for learners.



SCIL offers a variety of levels for your Space Design Thinking experience. Please view the options below to identify the level most suited to your group. Please note, all prices include GST.



Space Design Thinking Day (up to 100 participants)

Student Portal Access for all participants

SCIL Portal Access (resources on PBL, Personalised Learning, Technology, Space Design, Collaboration and more).

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Stephen Collis

Director of Innovation
Northern Beaches Christian School, Sydney

Steve joined NBCS in 2002 teaching English and French, and quickly attracted recognition in awards for ‘Excellence by a Teacher’ (National Quality Schools Awards) and ‘Microsoft Innovative Teacher of the Year’. He joined the NBCS leadership team soon after, promoting innovation school-wide, and delivering training programs and workshops at schools around Australia and beyond. Steve helps colleagues re-envision virtual and physical spaces to facilitate personalised learning and increased student engagement and agency. 

Follow Steve on Twitter @Steve_Collis.


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