Musanze, Rwanda – August 13-15, 2013


The Summit is aimed to assist schools in developing nations grapple with the why & how of educational innovation. It is relevant to schools in developing and developed nations.

The format for the summit will be site visits, conversations, workshops, expert sessions, practical sessions.

Who should come? If you are interested in enhancing learning opportunities for school students of the 21st century: school teachers, parents, administrators, school executive, school principals, university students, government officials.

Photos from Rwanda Summit Part I (May 2012)

We need to find solutions to big problems:
building leaders, equipping teachers, and
ostering entrepreneurial thinking.

Conference Focus

Managing whole school change and innovation through group-based professional learning.

The Rwanda Open Summit is being facilitated by the SCIL team, and is for Rwandan principals, business people, academics and education administrators, and international participants from both developing nations and the developed world.

Program: 3 days

Day 1 - Big picture: Managing whole school change

  • Setting the scene using the design process. Presenting a framework for implementing change within your school

Venue: Ishema Hotel and local school

Day 2 - What does whole school PD look like?

  • Presenting exemplar PD for the participants, in a school in Musanze for the day.
  • Engaging PD in group-based learning

Venue: Ishema Hotel and Kebwende School

Day 3 - What can you do in your school?

  • Reflecting on the experiences of the last two days.
  • Identifying the key ideas to take away
  • Debrief and develop strategies through a collaborative process

Venue: Ishema Hotel


Accommodation and Transport

Participants will be provided with contact information to make own accommodation arrangements. Car transport during the conference at $50 per person per day = $150

Conference Registration

$200 including lunch (x3)



Based from Ishema Hotel (Musanze), and incorporating school visits in the local area. 

Musanze District
Northern Province



Leading The Summit


Stephen Harris

Stephen Harris is Principal of Northern Beaches Christian School, and Director of the Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning. In 2011 he was Secondary Principal of the Year (NSW) in the Australian Awards for Outstanding Teaching and School Leadership.

Twitter: @Stephen_H


Mark Burgess

Mark Burgess has the official role of ‘Learning Activist’. While pioneering project-based learning in High School with Science, History and Geography, he also plays a wild-card role school-wide, supporting innovation and trouble-shooting the logistical bottle-necks that prevent a great new idea from making the impact it should. Watch a video of his Year 8 “Quest” team in action.

Twitter: @matonfender


Dan Wearne

Dan Wearne is a core member of the acclaimed Zone Team at NBCS. Dan inspires learning at every level. The Zone program is collaboration in action - 180 students, 6 staff, unlimited potential. Dan has embraced dynamic educational innovation in action, understanding what needs to change, why it should change and how it can change. He is an enabler, acting as a positive catalyst within a learning community. A classroom expert!

Twitter: @d_wearne

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