Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning (SCIL) is delighted to offer our ‘Re-Imagine Learning’ workshop. The day is suitable for a full school staff (up to 100 participants), and balances the showcasing of specific techniques and technologies with time for teachers to collaborate and envision new directions. The program is flexible and can be shortened to 3 hours if necessary. 


“The day was a perfect blend of ideas, inspiration, conversation and time to collaborate. Steve kept the focus on learning, and provided plenty of concrete examples with exemplar video footage. He provided tireless hands-on guidance, and left our teachers absolutely buzzing about their new projects.”
— Vince Campbell, Principal - Sacred Heart Primary School

Core Program

The morning sessions include two keynote presentations exploring video footage from Northern Beaches Christian School in Sydney and the underlying structures we employ to facilitate student-driven, personalised learning. We canvas the benefits of personalising learning, and explore a range of practical techniques for implementation. The techniques include methods for offering choice and purpose in learning design, and leveraging team teaching, spatial layout and technology to provide learners with just what they need, just when they need it. 

While the keynotes offer new ideas and stimulus, the day also includes several hours of time and space for participants to think through and dream big. In the afternoon, participant teams share a vision for what they’d love to see come to pass in their learning programs.


8:30 am

Session 1: Paradigms
What ‘disruptors’ are leading schools worldwide to question assumptions about what schools, classrooms and learning can look like?


9:00 am

Breakout 1: Whole Staff Reflection
Participants identify questions, challenges & opportunities.


9:30 am

Session 2: Personalised Learning
Steve presents a series of practical techniques for implementing student-centric pedagogy. Digital and physical spaces can be configured to give learners structured freedoms.


11:15 am 

Breakout 2: Re-Imagine Learning
Teachers break into groups and ask ‘what is our next step?”. They sketch a vision for transformation targeting either a key program or space, and identify some next actions to take to make their vision a reality. 


2:00 pm

Breakout 3: Q&A
Insights and strategies for issues that arose in the visioning session. 


2:30 pm

Breakout 4: Next Actions
A rotating ‘speed dating’ structure allows further dissemination of ideas from the visioning session and finishes the day with inspiration and a sense of momentum for the future.



SCIL offers a variety of levels for your Re-Imagine Learning Day experience. Please view the options below to identify the level most suited to your group. Please note, all prices include GST.



Re-Imagine Learning Day (up to 100 participants)

Student Portal Access for all participants

SCIL Portal Access (resources on PBL, Personalised Learning, Technology, Space Design, Collaboration and more).

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Organise a Day

If you would like to organise a workshop, please email us at learn@scil.com.au and we will be in touch shortly.