Design Engage Kit (A2 Size)

The Design / Engage kit is a powerful visual dashboard where teams can design engaging experiences. The Kit Includes:

  • 3 magnetic whiteboard planning boards: the People board, Storyboard, Habitat board
  • magnetic , dry-erase concept cards:
    • 10 * Person cards
    • 1 * Entry Event card
    • 2 * Big Idea, Matrix, Guru, Passion, Immersion, Mountain Top, Cave, Campfire, Watering Hole, Empty, Maker, Outside cards.
    • 5 * Checkpoint cards
  • 14-page tutorial booklet

Postage is free when ordered within Australia. Please inquire below for international shipping.

Please note: the kit does not include whiteboard markers or velcro dots.


AU$399 (inc GST)

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