Prototyping Guide

Here is a small selection of artifacts or products you can built as your conceptual plan develops. 

Entry Event Video with Animoto

  1. go to Animoto
  2. add text and images and choose or upload music.
  3. click "Preview" to export the video
  4. show it live, put on a web portal or QR code

A Project-Based Learning Program

Use this unit planner.

A Visual Representation

  1. Take your ideas from the design kit and represent them on a large poster.
  2. Use diagrams, still frames, key phrases, timelines, etc.
  3. You can show the poster to a student or colleague to get feedback. 

A Matrix of Options (templates here)

  1. plan options to cater for everyone
  2. put them on handouts or a poster, OR
  3. put them on a web portal, OR
  4. create a space with stations.

A Physical Space Model

  1. Follow tutorials 1, 2, 3 and 9.
  2. Use craft materials to create a physical representation of the space you have envisioned.

"Guru" Videos (Flipped Learning)

  1. point your phone at yourself, OR
  2. use a SWIVL to track you + audio, OR
  3. on iPad: Explain Everything orShowMe 
  4. Upload to YouTube?
  5. Publish on a Web Portal or QR code.

A Web Portal (examples here)

1. Go to Weebly & make a website.
2. Add and arrange text, videos, etc
3. Use Thinglink or Blendspace to create
clickable visual maps.