SCIL Events

Leaders in Learning Conference

This inaugural conference seeks to connect and empower like-minded leaders who are facing the challenges of leading change in schools, and develop a toolkit for accelerating change.

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The Learning Matrix

We call this a '101' course. We use a Bloom's / Gardner's Matrix to personalise the curriculum for students. 

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Personalised Learning

We call this a '201' course. Use a website or web portal to explore more sophisticated personalisation that goes beyond a simple matrix of options. 

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PBL Unravelled

We call this a '301' course. Organise learning around authentic, integrated, student-centred challenges. 

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Your Staff Development Day

Spark creative thinking for your whole staff. Available in half or full day format. This PD is a way of bringing the inspiration for innovation back to your school.

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Learning Space Design Thinking

Light a fire for learning space innovation in this hands-on activity. Participants emerge with a whole new perspective on the potential for physical space itself to be re-envisioned to better cater for learners.

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Facilitation and Consultation

We offer facilitation and consultation for you or your staff around the implementation of a design process. The design process can be applied at a leadership level or with a team of teachers.

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