Professional Development

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Our facilitators are outstanding classroom practitioners, presenting the techniques in PD that they use with their students in learning sessions. We can deliver a range of training experiences from targeted hands-on workshops, through to keynote presentations and whole-staff activities. 

Intensive Workshops 

Our PD workshops are designed to help teams of educators prototype personalised units of work. They can be delivered on-site here at NBCS, or at your school.

In particular, if your school is exploring flexible learning spaces, these workshops will help teachers to develop the pedagogy to match the space. 

The Learning Matrix

We call this a '101' course. We use a Bloom's / Gardner's Matrix to personalise the curriculum for students. 

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Personalised Learning

We call this a '201' course. Use a website or web portal to explore more sophisticated personalisation that goes beyond a simple matrix of options. 

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PBL Unravelled

We call this a '301' course. Organise learning around authentic, integrated, student-centred challenges. 

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Your Staff Development Day

Spark creative thinking for your whole staff. Available in half or full day format. This PD is a way of bringing the inspiration for innovation back to your school.

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Learning Space Design Thinking

Light a fire for learning space innovation in this hands-on activity. Participants emerge with a whole new perspective on the potential for physical space itself to be re-envisioned to better cater for learners.

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Facilitation and Consultation

We offer facilitation and consultation for you or your staff around the implementation of a design process. The design process can be applied at a leadership level or with a team of teachers.

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