SCIL is an innovation unit embedded in a K to 12 school. We are thinkers, we are doers; passionate about learning & innovation in education.


We are a consultancy that loves conversation and collaboration; working with educators across the globe to connect pedagogy, culture, leadership and space. Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning actively promotes excellence in education by providing new learning opportunities for students and future-focused Professional Development for teachers. Established as the research and innovation unit of Northern Beaches Christian School (Sydney, Australia), SCIL runs a range of programs and research projects that seek to transform educational thinking and practice both at NBCS and in the wider educational community.

All of the programs and research projects that are run by SCIL are firmly based in the classrooms and day-to-day learning environment at NBCS. Staff are dedicated to creating a learning culture that promotes the highest standards for academics, whilst nurturing and caring for each student.


A Journey of Transformation

NBCS was founded in 1981, and welcomed Stephen Harris as principal in 1999. In just a decade, NBCS grew from 250 to 1250 students, established a revolutionary innovation movement, won 5 major awards, and became an international destination for thousands of educators seeking a new paradigm. At the heart of the change: a profound learning culture facilitated by technology, space and pedagogy that empowers and engages students.

The leadership team at SCIL is drawn from the staff at NBCS, including award-winning teachers and educators on the front-line of K-12 education.


SCIL Leadership Team


Stephen Harris
NBCS Principal
SCIL Founder/Director
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Anne Knock
SCIL Leadership