SCIL Learning Design Kit



A Matrix of Options (templates here)

  1. plan options to cater for everyone
  2. put them on handouts or a poster, OR
  3. put them on a web portal, OR
  4. create a space with stations.

An Immersive Learning Experience

1. either a simulation (earn badges, play roles, earn points, unlock opportunities) OR
2. real world experience (go outside, Skype overseas, home challenge, build something)

A 3D Prototype of a Space

1. create a sketch of how your space could be
2. consider space for reflection, expert input, interaction, making
3. make a 3D model

Some Guru Videos

  1. point your phone at yourself, OR
  2. use a SWIVL to track you + audio, OR
  3. on iPad: Explain Everything or ShowMe 
  4. Upload to YouTube?
  5. Publish on a Web Portal or QR code.

A Compelling Animoto Video

1. go to Animoto
2. add text and images and choose or upload music.
3. click "Preview" to export the video
4. show it live, put on a web portal or QR code

A Web Portal

1. Go to Weebly & make a website.
2. Add and arrange text, videos, etc
3. Use Thinglink or Blendspace to create
clickable visual maps.