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STEPHEN HARRIS  |  Principal NBCS & Founder/Director SCIL

Stephen Harris commenced as Principal of Northern Beaches Christian School (NBCS) IN 1999. IN 2005, Stephen founded the Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning (SCIL), as an active innovation, research and development unit within NBCS. His vision was to embed innovation into everyday school practice. In 2011 Stephen received recognition at the inaugural Australian Awards for Outstanding Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL), as the Australian Secondary Principal of the Year (NSW).

Stephen has presented in forums such as EduTech (Australia), CEPFI (the US, Australia, the UK and NZ), and a variety of forums in Scandinavia, Spain, Croatia, Greece, Portugal, Germany and Canada, as well as WISE 2011. Stephen is a Pre-Jury Member for the WISE Awards program.


  • Leadership
  • Vision
  • Collaboration
  • Design


Sample Keynotes:

  • Invent the Future
  • Future-Proofing Your School
  • Redesigning Spaces around Collaborative Teaching
  • Factories No More

ANNE KNOCK  |  Director of Development

Anne's background is in school education and the not-for-profit sector. After 17 years as a primary teacher, she has worked in several charitable organisations, and six years as the NSW/ACT CSA State Executive Officer.

With a deep insight into the school system in Australia, Anne has a passion for equipping leaders to implement change that will transform schools and learning for this generation and the generations to come. Anne nurtures collaborative relationships between SCIL and the most innovative schools in the world. Each year she co-hosts the SCIL Vision Tours to Europe.

Anne regularly speaks about leadership, culture, learning space design and the international school education landscape.


  • Leadership
  • Vision
  • Design
  • Mentoring



Lou joined the team at NBCS in 2008 and lead a revolution among her colleagues that culminated in the learning and space innovation we call The Zone, a community of 180 learners and a collaborative team of 6 teachers in one very large flexible learning space. This flagship program continues to run all day, every day, providing highly personalised and authentic learning experiences for our Year 5 and 6 students.

With SCIL, Lou works alongside teams of educators to develop genuinely collaborative learning programs that transcend the limitations of the industrial model classroom.

Recent workshops include ISTE in San Antonio, and Expanding Learning Horizons, Lorne, Vic.


  • Community Building
  • Collaborative Teams
  • Integrated Curriculum Architecture
  • Project-Based Learning

Sample Keynotes:

  • From Privatised Teaching to Dynamic Collaboration: The Story of the Zone
  • Capturing the Hearts of Reluctant Writers
  • The Learning Matrix 

MARK BURGESS  |  Learning Activist

Mark Burgess joined the senior executive team at NBCS in 2010, leading the development of our "Quest" program: an integrated and project-based Science/Geography curriculum with a collaborative team of teachers operating in a flexible learning space. Mark works with teams at NBCS and in schools around Australia to develop a vision and plan for implement project-based learning at any age or subject area.

He has a reputation for a logistically "bullet-proof" ideas that thrive in the unpredictability of the school day.

Mark has recently worked with Turramurra High School, Inaburra Christian School, and run workshops at Making it Mobile: Auckland, Adelaide and Sydney.


  • Project-Based Learning
  • Design Thinking
  • Logistics

Sample Keynotes:

  • Project-Based Learning, Actually
  • It's 99% Logistics: the Nuts and Bolts of Personalisation

Brad Fuller  |  Music Education Specialist

Brad has over 15 years' experience offering professional learning for teachers. He holds an MA in Adult Education. In 2009 he was recognised in the ASG National Excellence in Teaching Awards. 

Since 2012 Brad has pioneered "Project Rhythm and Blue" at NBCS, acting as an in-house consultant in the design of the state-of-the-art music learning space and revolutionary program. Brad and the music teaching team innovate the creative learning environment, both physically and pedagogically to engage and inspire students. Their vision: "we don't learn about the music industry, we are in the music industry". 


  • Blended Learning
  • Music Education
  • Technology to Promote Collaboration
  • iPads in Education

Sample Keynotes:

  • Inside Project RnB - Building a 21st Century Music Classroom
  • The Blended Classroom - More Time for Things That Matter