Shape the space

Shape the physical and virtual learning environment.



Scroll down and gather "what if" ideas from the links and videos. Gather possible ideas on Post Its. 


STEP #2 Protoype

Filter your ideas down to a few that will work well together in your context for your people. If you're in a group and in a hurry up can try silently vote-ticking them to choose the winners.


PHYSICAL Space Ideas

Single Classroom Make-Overs
Processes & ideas for re-imagining the classroom:
Parramatta / USA / 

Writing Spaces 
Make thinking & learning visible!

DIY Notes on Creating Writing Spaces
Steve's Blog Post

General Inspiration - gain ideas & inspiration from 'Iridescent Classrooms' here, High Tech High here and Ron Clarke Academy here.

20 Ideas for learning space.


Look for the maker space, write-able tables, spaces-within-spaces, empty space, colour & light, and campfire session.

Look for caves, campfires, 
watering holes
, and "just in time" support from roving teachers. Look for relationship. Look for regular physical movement as "normal".

Look for: stations, maker spaces, resourcing, empty space, and multiple campfires.

Look for improvised tool/resource use, learner "ownership" of space and permission to reconfigure. Look for the co-existence of campfire, watering hole and cave space. Notice the normalisation of physical movement. 

Look for watering hole, moveable furniture. Note these students are working from a Bloom's/Gardner's Matrix.

Further Reading - explore this Steelcase Whitepaper on how the Workplace can improve collaboration. 

Read about Campfires in Cyberspace here.

You may also wish to listen to this interview with Pippa Yeoman on physical space (Pippa is PHD student who spent a term on-site at NBCS).

Thoughts on Colour 

Research Survey


A Virtual Home

Consider bringing all virtual spaces together on a central web portal that students know to visit.

Browse examples from our school here.

If you don't have a school portal, create one easily with Weebly.

Create a Visual Map or Online Matrix

Use Thinglink or Blendspace to assemble different resources, web pages, videos, or Matrix of options onto one central page. 

Flipped Learning / Video Explanations

Find 3rd party materials like Brainpop

Or create your own:
With your phone?
With a Swivl?

On an iPad with apps such as Explain Everything or Show Me