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Design/Engage is a friendly, collaborative planning kit consisting of scaffolded magnetic whiteboards and concept cards. The kit was developed by teachers and trialed and improved with over 20 schools throughout 2014 and 2015 here at Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning - a school-based consultancy staffed by teachers.  

Teachers can use the concept cards to seamlessly "pull in" great teaching innovations from a variety of frameworks and use them in conjunction with each other.

✓ Project-Based Learning & Inquiry-Based Learning
✓ Collaborative teaching teams
✓ Personalised Learning
✓ Flipped Learning & Technology
✓ Creative uses of space, including flexible learning environments

The kit provides a visible dashboard for teachers to get on the same page and get excited about new learning designs. It promotes empathy and insight for the student experience of learning, and is ideal for co-creation of learning with students and student voice.


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Order the whiteboard kit Magnetic kit with movable cards

Order the whiteboard kit
Magnetic kit with movable cards

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Design Engage PD

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Explore Glossary
What Does it All Mean?


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The Emotion & Mindsets of Design Thinking

The SCIL Design/Engage Platform is a collaborative, visual, tactile, scaffolded embodiment of design thinking.

Sitting behind the three planning boards are a series of mindsets and emotional postures. The discover and define phases of design thinking are scaffolded on the People board. The ideate phase are scaffolded on the Storyboard and Habitat board.

After ideas have been visualised, teams can leave the design/engage kit and implement a "prototype" or actual manifestation of their ideas.

The challenge at this point is to move immediately back into "discovery" mode and become receptive to the new insights that arise from observing how people engage with the ideas. And the cycle repeats!