Design / Engage

The SCIL Design / Engage kit brings a rich pedagogical repertoire together in the context of a reflective design process. The kit helps teachers embrace bold and creative new pedagogies in a manner that is in alignment with the local school vision and sensitive to the needs and passions of students and parents.

It grows teachers' knowledge of and confidence with:

✓ UX - "User Experience" & Design Thinking
✓ Collaboration
✓ Project-Based Learning & Inquiry-Based Learning
✓ Personalised Learning
✓ Technology
✓ Physical Learning Environment

Purchase the Kit

Teachers and schools can order the physical kit, consisting of magnetic, writeable design boards and moveable concept cards. The physical kit is especially powerful as when mounted as a visible dashboard where teams of teachers can plan collaboratively.

Access the Portal

The kit comes with access to our comprehensive online portal with video tutorials, scaffolds, templates and case studies. 


Get the Training

Options include a free introductory webinar, a full webinar program, onsite training days here in Sydney, and 1 or 2 day workshops at your school with your staff. Curriculum leaders interested in running their own in-house training can also attend these events.