Tutorial 1   Form a Collaborative Team

In this tutorial, you will use the People board to form a team with colleagues.

The People board is a place to gather insights about people - your colleagues, students, parents, or others. Every person is different, but when we come together we participate in a shared experience, "culture", and this is represented by the tree: with values in the roots, vision on the tree trunk, and routines in the tree top. 

Use the Person card to represent a person, and write insights around the card. 

When seeking people-insights, you might want to write notes on a separate Post It note or piece of paper, and then select several of the most critical insights for transfer to the People board.


Form a Collaborative Team

You may wish to work with colleagues (or indeed students, parents, or others) to design the unit, lesson, and/or space with the kit. A great first step is to describe who you each are and how you relate together. In this tutorial we start with team introductions:

  1. Spend a few minutes (individually) brainstorming personal characteristics (e.g. what are your passions, what energises, what exhausts, what stresses, skills, communication styles, how best to repair a situation, personal story that made you who you are today, etc).
  2. Each team member ticks 5 insights for sharing, based on the question 'if there were just 5 things I could express so you could understand me, what would they be.'
  3. Have each person use their notes to introduce themselves as if for the first time. Put a timer on for this - perhaps 2 minutes per person. Agree that during the 2 minutes no one will interrupt. Agree also that if the person pauses, then it's okay to spend time in silence during the 2 minutes while they think of what else to say. You can extend another 60 seconds for clarifying questions.  

Now transfer some short notes for each person onto the People board. Write their name on the Person card and write the notes nearby. 

Note - This is only step one of team formation. Follow tutorial 2 to complete the process.